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Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Injection Nozzle

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10115 Berlin


Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Injection Nozzle

diesel exhaust fluid bmw

diesel exhaust fluid injector

for dosing module bosch

dosing valve

emissions fluid injector

JHO sandy DY
sandy at china-lutong dot net
CHINA-LUTONG technology offers an effective solution for diesel engines – offering efficiency, performance, reliability and minimal emissions. CHINA-LUTONG Common Rail Systems resulting in low fuel consumption, low emissions and impressive performance without compromising on quality. CHINA-LUTONG sells a wide range of spare parts for Common Rail Fuel Injection. We can supply: diesel nozzles, solenoid injector, intermediate plate, common rail pin, common rail valves, spool valve, control valves, washers and service kits for injectors. CHINA-LUTONG has built a slippery reputation for providing quality OEM and aftermarket solutions to meet your diesel fuel injection needs.

china lutong diesel parts factory
10115 berlin

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  • china lutong diesel parts factory
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  • 10115 berlin
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